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4 Action Points For Holyrood To Avert Climate Chaos

Unplug and Reconnect Sunday 10.10.10

Com­mu­ni­ties across Scot­land involved in Holy­rood 350 are join­ing together to ‘Unplug and Recon­nect’ this Sun­day (10 Octo­ber) as part of the Global 350 movement.

350 is the num­ber that lead­ing sci­ent­ists say is the safe upper limit for car­bon diox­ide — meas­ured in “Parts Per Mil­lion” in our atmo­sphere. 350 PPM — it’s the num­ber human­ity needs to get back to as soon as pos­sible to avoid run­away cli­mate change. It’s the 7:84 of the 21stC.

The 350 Move­ment says: “On 10.10.10, we will cel­eb­rate cli­mate solu­tions and send our politi­cians a clear mes­sage: “We’re get­ting to work — what about you?” So, work­ing with the numer­o­logy we decided to try and motiv­ate 10 peo­ple in 10 com­munit­ies to spend 10 hours unplug­ging and reconnecting.

Mike Small from the Fife Diet says:

“There’s a para­dox here – we know that social media can con­vey the mes­sage of cli­mate jus­tice and the urgency of action, but some­times we need to reclaim the bal­ance of the fren­zied net­work­ing and just stop. So we are start­ing with just one day to begin to slow down again.”

Rachel Nunn from Going Car­bon Neu­tral Stir­ling (GCNS) said:

“Tak­ing time out from rush­ing around is quite a hard thing to do. Lately the GCNS pro­ject has taken time to go slower, get our hands grubby with nature, do some of the things we sup­port oth­ers to do, our­selves. We’ve given our­selves space from our phones and com­puters. Each of us feels calmer, and the team has become more con­nec­ted. This Sun­day will be an oppor­tun­ity to do the very same thing with our fam­il­ies and friends.”

This isn’t an anti-technology story, it is about mak­ing con­nec­tions when we are often dis­lo­cated, from place, from peo­ple and from our own com­mon sense.

Justin Ken­rick from PEDAL Por­to­bello said: “We’ll be tak­ing this chance to unwind from our unsus­tain­able lev­els of work try­ing to build a sus­tain­able Por­to­bello, have a good time, and maybe be chalk draw­ing our hopes for Porty in 2020 on the Prom.”

The plans is for peo­ple to come up with their own actions – or even prefer­ably inac­tions. But there are two stages: UNPLUG from car­bon con­sum­ing: from screens like this (mobiles, lap­tops, TVs, DVDs), from cars, from all those activ­it­ies that appear to con­nect us with dis­tant oth­ers but often cut us off from peo­ple in the same house and neigh­bour­hood; and the RECONNECT with mem­bers of our house­hold and com­munity, whether through shared meals, shar­ing a poem, plant­ing and tend­ing edi­ble plants on pub­lic land, walk­ing and talk­ing, mak­ing sand sculp­tures on the beach or big chalk draw­ings on the pave­ment of how we hope our com­munit­ies will be in 2020.

Par­tic­i­pat­ing com­munit­ies here include: Por­to­bello, Burn­tis­land, Eigg, Lin­lith­gow, Stir­ling, Bat­tle­field (Glas­gow), Govan Hill (Glas­gow), Dun­bar, Find­horn, Gourock.

Holy­rood 350 con­sists of peo­ple from across Scot­land who are act­ively work­ing to reduce their com­munit­ies car­bon foot­print. We are respond­ing to the mes­age of top cli­mate sci­ent­ists that CO2 in the atmo­sphere must be reduced from the cur­rent 387ppm to below 350, to avoid a rise of 2 degrees and cata­strophic cli­mate change. We ask the Scot­tish Gov­ern­ment to take the lead in the race out of car­bon, by enabling all com­munit­ies to make the trans­ition resi­li­ence. By doing so Scot­land can demon­strate to the world how ris­ing to the chal­lenge of cli­mate change can enrich rather than impov­er­ish us.

So, this Sun­day Unplug and Reconnect.

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