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A Range of Responses to Copenhagen

December 23rd, 2009 · No Comments

First­ly, a 1962 advert in which ESSO boasts of it’s pow­er to melt ice­bergs!

Richard Hein­berg sums up what hap­pened in Copen­hagen and bril­liant­ly por­trays the larg­er con­text.

Rob Edwards quotes James Cur­ran (Head of Sci­ence at the Scot­tish Envi­ron­ment Pro­tec­tion Agency) response in The Her­ald

George Mon­biot in The Guardian sum­mar­ises what hap­pened at Copen­hagen, focus­ing on West­ern vest­ed inter­ests.

A pub­lic rela­tions expert explains to Amer­i­cans why Oba­ma can’t real­ly do any­thing about health­care, cli­mate change, etc unless (as Mon­biot says above) peo­ple who care get organ­ised, get act­ive and make it hap­pen.

A sum­mary of what’s in the accord from Cli­mate Code Red, an Aus­tralian per­spect­ive

Mark Lynas in The Guardian out­lines how Chi­na did it’s best to make sure a deal didn’t hap­pen (a use­ful reminder that China’s elites — just like the West’s — chose to scup­per a deal; although Mark seems to fall for a very rosy view of West­ern lead­ers which doesn’t take into account the fact that Amer­i­ca was only offer­ing a 4% reduc­tion in emis­sions, an offer that was next to use­less)

Joss Gar­man of Green­peace and Plane Stu­pid responds to Copen­hagen.

Johann Hari’s response in The Inde­pen­dent.

The His­to­ri­an Jere­my Brech­n­er responds on znet.

Mike Small responds on Bel­la Cale­do­nia

Bri­an Dav­ey of Cap and Share responds on Open Democ­ra­cy argu­ing that we have hit the end to eco­nom­ic growth and so the future will be quite dif­fer­ent, even with­out a use­ful out­come at Copen­hagen,

Bill McK­ibben of the 350.org cam­paign at the end, and ear­li­er when he was still work­ing flat out in hope and in tears.

Ben Brang­wyn (of Tran­si­tion Net­work and Tran­si­tion Tot­ness) response from ear­li­er in the week …

Final­ly, some ini­tial think­ing on what needs to hap­pen next, intend­ed to pro­voke far bet­ter think­ing than I am man­ag­ing here!

Justin (justinken­rick AT yahoo.co.uk)

p.s. and these aren’t about Copen­hagen at all, but about the con­text in which the talks hap­pened, they are by Shaun Cham­ber­lin on car­bon off­set­ting and the val­ue of mon­ey and on one of the main ways we can return to cli­mate safe­ty, but first take his Earth IQ Test!

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